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Simplicity of Obedience

You shall speak all that I command you.

Exodus 7:2 NKJV

Moses faced a complex situation. God had called him to return to Egypt to free the Israelites from bondage. After his arrival, he and his brother Aaron told the Israelite elders the words that God had given them. They were encouraged that He had seen their affliction, and they believed.

But their hopes quickly turned to disappointment. When Moses and Aaron shared God’s words with Pharaoh, instead of cooperating and letting them go, he increased their burdens.

Moses was confused. Describing to God what had happened, Moses might have expected some new message. But instead, God just repeated His previous direction. The instructions were simple: “You shall speak all that I command you.”

The simplicity of this command became the guiding light for Moses in the days to come. He discovered that he did not need to worry about how anyone else reacted. The only thing that mattered was being obedient to God.

God expects the same thing from each of us. He does not want us worrying about the reactions of other people or our own reputation. He simply asks us to obey Him, speak the words He gives us, and do what He wants us to do.

What situations do you face today? Are you concerned about how others might react? Your reputation? As Moses discovered, events might not proceed as you imagine. God simply expects your obedience and faithfulness.
Obey God. Trust God. Stay faithful.


Father, guide my thoughts and decisions. Help me to obey You. I trust You for the results. In Jesus’ name, amen.