Wherever I Roam

“You generation, look to the word of the Lord. Have I been a wilderness to Israel, or a land of thick darkness? Why do My people say, ‘We are free to roam; we will no longer come to You'”?

Jeremiah 2:31 NASB

Growing up in Sweden, Carl Rosenius realized that many of his countrymen did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. This even was true of some church leaders. Many approached their beliefs as a religious obligation, even a political necessity.

Never ordained, Rosenius became a lay preacher, committed to helping people find a personal relationship with Jesus. He also edited a monthly publication that stressed the importance of faith.

He packed many of these principles into the hymns he composed. Born on this day in 1816, he described the friendship believers can have with Jesus in a hymn called “Whereso’er I Roam.”

No matter where he traveled, he knew that Jesus was a Friend ever with him “to cheer me, warning, comforting as none else could.” But more than a friend, Jesus was his Shepherd, ready to guide and provide for him and rescue him if he went astray.

That Friend supplied every need. In his flesh, he might have felt lonely at times, but Rosenius realized that Jesus “is ever near.” He promised, “I am with you always.” Such an amazing Friend!

His prayer was that Jesus would help him through life’s desert and give him the perspective to realize that “this life is fleeting.” He was confident that someday he would see Jesus face-to-face and “cry with joy, ‘My Lord and God!’” Remember that Jesus is with you. He loves you. He is your dearest Friend.


Father, thank You that You are with me wherever I go. I trust in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.