Running Away

“In the Lord I take refuge; how can you say to my soul, ‘Flee as a bird to your mountain'”?

Psalm 11:1 NASB

David knew what it was like to feel hopeless and have problems that didn’t seem to have solutions. In these moments he was tempted to try to run away, to escape, to “flee as a bird to your mountain” to somewhere the problems didn’t seem to exist.

David had every reason to feel this way. Even though he generally tried to please God, problems persisted. On the surface, the idea of running away seemed attractive. Yet as we know, this kind of escapism only provides a temporary illusion. Problems don’t go away; eventually we need to face them.

David had to turn toward God and seek His help! From His perspective, God watched to see how David would respond. He was testing everyone, both “the righteous and the wicked” (v. 5).

David realized God could be trusted to judge everyone perfectly, and each person would be rewarded based on His perfect standards. Yet, as we experience problems, we can feel overwhelmed and want to escape. We can be tempted to ignore problems or run away.

No matter how you feel, in every situation remember that God is ready to help you find answers. You are not forgotten. He is with you and knows your circumstances. Don’t run away or give up. Don’t give in to doubt or worry. Instead, like David, turn to God. Take refuge in Him!


Father, I commit these issues to You: ______. I seek Your wisdom. Thank You for showing me what to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.